Frequently Asked Questions

How long are processing and fulfillment times?

-This varies depending on the services offered. Print on demand has an exceptionally fast turnaround time. Most orders can be processed, printed, packed and shipped in under three business days. Wholesale orders and custom designs will vary from job to job.

Do you use garments that are made in factories that take advantage of poor labor laws?

-Absolutely, categorically not in any way shape or form will we use products that come from these types of factories. We do extensive research on the products we use to ensure we are not supporting these businesses in any way.

What is Direct to Garment printing?

-We have an extremely advanced printer that uses eco-friendly, water based inks to print directly onto our products. Think of a really big inkjet printer. Unlike screen printing that creates a ton of waste and takes a lot of time, we can pretreat, print, and pack a shirt in under 5 minutes.

Can you do custom designs?

Absolutely! We have an extremely talented design team with well over two decades of combined design experience. There isn’t anything our team can’t handle.

Many businesses promise zero cost for services. Can I really get a vendor page up and running with no money down at all?

That’s the best thing about AVL DTG, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. For exactly zero dollars, we can have you a site up and running with all of your designs and artwork ready to print. All you have to do is market yourself and get paid. No hidden fees or charges.