Direct-to-garment printing is similar to printing on a piece of paper—we use inks to print directly on the shirt. DTG is cost-efficient for one-off orders, can handle many colors and yield great detail, but has a restricted print area. We use Kornit NeoPigment inks in DTG printing. They’re water-based vegan inks that Kornit formulates, tests, and produces in their own ink factories, maintaining the highest quality levels. The inks are non-hazardous, toxin-free, biodegradable, and contain no animal by-products.


A printing system where products are made to order instead of produced in bulk. When you or your customer places an order, we print your design on one of our 257 premium white-label products. Since we offer more techniques than printing, such as embroidery and engraving, you might also come across the term “on-demand fulfillment,” which covers all of our products.


Retail model in which a third-party stores, fulfills, and ships product. AVLDTG is a print-on-demand drop shipper, so we’ll print and ship your products for you.


AVLDTG offers the ability for anyone and everyone to upload their own designs to our site which we will print and ship to you. Our customizer offers customizable text and images as well as apparel colors.

Vendor Storefront

AVLDTG offers custom Vendor storefronts, at zero start-up costs. This means you can sign up for your own website with your and sell your own designs on our available products. Your storefront will look and feel unique, and can look indisguinishable from your original website if you wish to intergrate dropshipping with an already existing business.